Friday, November 2, 2012

Stationery card

Scrappy Frames Christmas Card
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Stationery card

Scrappy Frames Christmas Card
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kalahari Time!!!

This past weekend we surprised the girls and took them to Kalahari!! Watch this video for your entertainment but DON'T laugh its harder than it looks!!!

 She liked  her new bathing suit

 Our little bell hop!
 Great Breakfast Buffet

 This is how Steak N Shake affects you...

We stayed in the King Lodge Suite...I love having a full kitchen and our own bedroom with a king size bed!

We stayed in the newer section called the "Sands"

Such concentration...

1 hr and $60 later at the arcade and this is what she got!!! "Pack o Parts" & a wind up bomb!! Totally worth it!

This is what Aleesha got...

 Dont look at me look at my sexy husband or the huge elephant behind us...I look wretched!

Yep, Doug was in Buckeye Heaven!!!

 Of course we had to get one!! As if.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kassandras 16 Random Acts of Kindness~

Kassandras 16 Random Acts Of Kindness....

So, I was searching online lastnight for some party ideas for Kassandras Sweet 16 when I came across this website. See at her 13th Bday party we had a scavenger hunt around town and it was really fun. Kassandra wanted to have another one for her Sweet 16 but after I showed this to her she was on board right away!

This girl wrote out 16 acts of kindness then they split up into groups,hopped into the "get-away" cars and completed their tasks! Not only is this a fun game but also youre doing something nice for others. Now seeing that we will be in Amish Country this might be a little harder and trickier but we will put our creative minds together and come up with some things. My Moms always a trooper when it comes to helping me out :) Even if we have to resort to giving the Horses free carrots. ;) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012~

Yipee!!! (sarcasm) Ive always loved Valentines Day but recently have become quite the scrooge. Dont get me wrong Doug is such a romantic but I figure why spend $20 on flowers that will die when we could eat for $20 or just a single flower is nice too. The last few yrs we just got each other a card. I mean really every day is Valentines Day with us ;)  This year Aleeshas class is apparently too old for a party so she didnt do Valentines but Mady did... Hers looked like this then we punched a hole in her fist and stuck a sucker in it!

Kassandra got creative and made some homemade goodies for Ryan: Pinterest of course. The one cookie says: "I love you more than..." and then you write the reasons on the other cookies.

I decided to make Doug a few things...I really liked the idea of the candies and printing a picture with a message on the back...

I wrapped his up in this cute little box!

Now, this is where I cheated...I bought these "to-die-for" chocolate cookies at Buehlers and wrote a message on them...

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! Spend some time with your sweetie!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

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